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Greener House specialises in quality indoor plants that work perfectly your home, especially low light indoor plants. We also have an extensive range of easy plants that can work in balcony and courtyard gardens as well. All our staff are experienced indoor plant gardeners and are able to advise you on what plants will work best for your house. Whether you are looking for low-maintenance and beginner indoor plants, or pet safe indoor plants, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our range of plants and pots at our brick-and-mortar store located in Brunswick, Melbourne, or check out our different collections on our online store. Quickly sort our plants into popular genera such as Monstera, Philodendron, Hoya or Peperomia or take advantage of our house plant categories such as low maintenance, low light, beginner, pet-safe and hanging indoor plants. You can buy indoor plants online and have them delivered locally, or use our free click and collect option!

Browse our online shop or come into our Melbourne plant nursery to see our huge selection of pots, planters, baskets, and accessories

Greener House stocks a huge range of indoor plant pots and planters in a wide range of styles and colours. Our indoor gardening experts can re-pot your new indoor plants for you and are able to help out when it comes to picking the perfect pot to suit your home. Sort our pots into collections to easily find pots with trays, hanging pots, or even locally made ceramics. You can buy pots online or buy plant accessories in-store.

A large selection of planters stocked at our garden centre are hand-made locally by ceramicists from Brunswick and the greater Melbourne region. Our ceramics range from bright and colourful planters, to earthy, neutral, and modern designs.

Elevate your new house plant and planter with our selection of plant stands. Our plant stands are made from a range of materials from wicker rattan to more modern powder-coated metal plant stands. Complete your indoor plant look with one of our watering cans, plant misters, fertilizers or neem oil treatments.

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Receive guidance and advice from our team of qualified indoor plant experts at our Melbourne garden nursery or online!

All our staff are indoor plant experts with years of experience helping the residents of Brunswick and the greater Melbourne region find the perfect indoor plants to suit their homes. Let us know what conditions you need your new indoor plants to grow in, and we will be able to show you the indoor plants that will thrive.

The horticulturists at Greener House Nursery in Brunswick are all indoor plant lovers with real hands-on experience growing house plants in Melbourne. We’ve all grown and propagated plants in all kinds of indoor gardening spaces from tiny apartments, all the way to long dark terrace houses. From the best bathroom plants and the best living room plants, we’ve seen it all, and we can walk you through the care requirements to make them thrive wherever you live.

The best part of Greener House is that once your new green and leafy pot plant is settled into their new indoor home you are not alone if you have any questions. At our store in Brunswick, Melbourne we provide tailored advice to all our customers in-person, but also online! Send us an email with photos and your plant care questions and we will help you to become the ultimate indoor plant green thumb.