About Greener House Nursery

We are an indoor plant nursery in Brunswick, staffed by qualified horticulturalists.

Since 2016, Greener House has been sharing its love of indoor plants with the people of Melbourne. Starting out as a small project based out of our unit in Brunswick it quickly overflowed and grew into a brick and mortar store. We believe in making indoor plants accessible to everyone and providing expert advice so that you can feel confident with your plant care.

Health Benefits

We feel confident speaking for the Melbourne plant community here: caring for plants improves your mental health and overall happiness. Studies show that being exposed to a green environment helps hone concentration and relieve stress. Plants also have a natural ability to filter dust and harmful chemicals from the air, meaning you can breathe easy in your own home.


Indoor plants are more than a design trend, they are an indispensable part of modern decor. Plants add life, depth, and colour to any space; you’ll be surprised at the huge difference just a few indoor plants will make to your home or office!

How we can help

Our team has expert plant knowledge, so customers can receive support with their plants both online and in person. This personalised service sets us apart from many boutiques and larger stores, and allows us to truly care for our customers. We have a wide variety of stock, which we constantly refresh, enabling us to cater for any tricky spaces in your home. Let’s find the perfect plant for you!

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