These are a few of our favourite Australian plant Instagram accounts. Some are fairly well known and others deserve heaps more love for their amazing content. Check them out and be sure to give them a follow for heaps more plant inspiration!

Unitednaturedesigns - This is a hugely under-appreciated account. Eric has an amazing knack for including incredible in depth scientific information along with beautiful photos of rare aroids. I highly recommend scrolling back through his feed and reading as much as you can.


Kateandfinn_vs_plants - Such a great selection of plants all perfectly photographed. I’m always a little bit jealous when I see scroll through this feed!



Craigmilran - Craig has amazing collection of plants split between his homes in Australia and Indonesia. A perfect pairing of minimalist style and indoor plants.



Brian9267 - Melbourne based artist Brian, produces some incredibly stunning art featuring lots of botanicals. His attention to detail is breathtaking! You can find some of his art hanging up at our Melbourne store.



Coco_and_cuttings - Pugs, cats, AND PLANTS! This is a really beautifully curated account. Definitely worth scrolling back through this account because there is so much gold! This account deserves a million followers for sure!



Plant.jungle - This is a really fun account! Lots of great commentary and an awesome collection.



Nicholasaidan - A lovely person with a lovely insta feed. Lots of great photos showing off his collection and home.



Minstera_ - Daniel delivers beautiful plant pics backed up with some high quality advice and science. This photo sparked our love of ferns!



Aussiemushroomsupplies - It’s not quite plants, but definitely worth a follow if you are a nature lover! If you are looking to grow something in total darkness then this is for you.


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