Chain of Hearts is an easy, low-maintenance indoor plant that’s perfect for the Melbourne climate. Indoor plant beginners will have no trouble with this one! As well as having cute, heart-shaped leaves, this plant is also low light tolerant and pet safe.

How much light do Chain of Hearts need?

Chain of Hearts will grow well in bright to low light, making this a great plant for anywhere in your home. They still grow quickly in low light but a little direct sun will give the growth a massive boost.

How often should I water a Chain of Hearts?

If you’re an under-waterer this is the plant for you. Chain of Hearts need water about once every two to four weeks on average, basically waiting until all the soil is totally dry before giving them any attention.

If you’re not sure it’s time to water feel free to ignore this plant for a few more weeks. The leaves store heaps of water and will start to visibly wrinkle and become thinner if they have turned to their internal water supply. No damage is occurring when they are dry! Give them a good soak and they will quickly rehydrate.

Chain of hearts

Do Chain of Hearts need humidity?

Melbourne’s temperature and humidity are absolutely fine for the Chain of Hearts. If outside, they should be fine year-round in Melbourne; providing they are kept in a sheltered position.

Do Chain of Hearts need a big pot?

Chain of Hearts can grow metres and metres long in a small pot. They benefit from a well-draining soil like a cacti mix, but premium potting mix is totally fine. 

How do I propagate a Chain of Hearts?

If you’re finding that your Chain of Hearts is looking a little sparse on top, you can wind one of the chains back up into the pot, where it will root into the soil and create more growth. Cuttings can also be taken and easily rooted in water.

Are Chain of Hearts pet-friendly?


Chain of Hearts is a fast growing hanging plant that doesn’t need much water, is pet friendly, low-light tolerant, and cute as all hell. Have a chat with an indoor plant specialist at Greener House Nursery at 95 Sydney Road, Brunswick in Melbourne to get yours!

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