Hoyas are a massive player in the world of collectable indoor plants. The range is huge, with a unique leaf for each species, and brightly coloured flowers that have a strong perfume! To best care for your Hoya we want to emulate their natural habitat, which is often the canopy of a tree.

How much light does a Hoya need?

These are the perfect plant for a window sill or well-lit space, and will even thrive in sheltered outdoor positions such as a balcony or courtyard. They need a bright space to thrive and will greatly benefit from an hour or two of direct sunlight.

When should I water my Hoya?

Allow your plant’s soil to 100% dry out before watering. Hoyas have very thick waxy leaves that are full of water and will wrinkle and wilt if left without water for a long time. This can stress the plant a small amount but is a far better alternative to over-watering which can cause huge amounts of damage.

How big should my Hoya's pot be? (Important!)

Hoyas love small pots and prefer to be cramped. A large pot will not improve the health of your plant and will usually just stunt its growth as it struggles to grow roots that it doesn’t need. A fluffy, well-draining soil such as an orchid bark is perfect for these indoor plants as it allows for super fast drainage and great airflow.

How do I get my Hoya to flower?

Do everything mentioned above! Getting a little bit of direct sun will make a big difference, otherwise the best thing to do is work on an optimal fertilizing routine. To maximize your plant’s chance of flowering use the correct fertilizer during the different phases of growth. The main components of all fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) in different ratios depending on the type of plant it’s intended for.

Try to avoid high amounts of potassium which encourages root growth (which we don’t need), and instead find a fertilizer that has a high ratio of nitrogen which supports foliage growth. Using this fertilizer during the growing season. 

Once your plant is getting close to the time of year that it could flower it’s time to swap to a fertilizer that is high in potassium such as an orchid fertilizer. Your hoya is most likely to flower during summer.

Make sure not to cut off old flowers or trim the plant back too harshly as hoyas will flower from the same area of the plant (the peduncle) each year. Allow any flowers to fall off in their own time.

Do Hoyas like humidity?

Most common hoyas aren’t too fussy but it is best to keep humidity above 40% and avoid temperatures below freezing. Varieties with fluffy and fuzzy leaves are often a little more sensitive compared to thicker waxy leaf varieties such as H. carnosa or H. obovata.

You can buy Hoyas online or in-store!

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