With Mother's Day just around the corner, we've got the perfect plants and pots for you to peruse this weekend! There's lots going on in the shop right now, which you can read all about at the end of the article.
This week in particular has seen the arrival of some stunning plants, some of them are pretty hard to get a hold of so we're very excited! Here are our three current favourites.

Zanzibar Gem “Black Raven” 130mm

This stunning variety of Zanzibar Gem is a rare beauty that we’re so excited about. It’s just as unkillable as its green-leafed sibling, with minimal water requirements, but to keep the leaves dark it will need a bright spot. The new juvenile leaves emerge a bright green mature to a rich black colour! You can buy Zanzibar Gem "Black Raven" here!

Silver Dollar Vine 100mm

The Silver Dollar Vine is a rare plant, all the way from Madagascar. They do best in a well-lit spot with some direct morning sun. Wait until the soil is totally dry before watering again. If you are unsure if it's time you can wait to water until the plant itself starts to wrinkle a little, as this is an indication that the plant is definitely thirsty. Like most plants with succulent leaves, they are adapted to and prefer dry soils. We have one of these ourselves and it’s such a rewarding plant! You can buy Silver Dollar vine here!

Silver Dollar Vines Greener House Nursery

Nepenthes - Pitcher Plant 130mm

This stunning carnivorous plant is a unique and beautiful addition to your collection. They like a bright spot and slightly moist soil. A little extra humidity will reward you with extra cups forming and will help to increase their size. You can buy Nepenthes online now.

Nepenthes Greener House Nursery

Feature Plant and Pots

We love these Ghanaian-made baskets, and the ethical practices of Afropacific. The baskets are made by artisans in Ghana using sustainably sourced elephant grass which is dyed by hand. You can read more about this company and the baskets here. They're currently available in-store only!

Afropacific Basket Planters Greener House Nursery

The Oslo pot became a fast favourite at Greener House, and they look stunning with every plant, but they really bring out the beauty of the Jungle cacti species that we stock. Rhipsalis, Epiphyllum, Lepismium are easy to care for, drought-tolerant, and happy to stay in a small pot for life. They even flower!

Lepismium cruciforme in a Peace Oslo Planter

Shop updates

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently changed up our counter to have a lower, more accessible design with room to operate two tills at once. This has helped us out so much on busy days, and is ergonomically better for our staff and customers. While we loved the old counter, not everyone is as tall as Josh!

Our beautiful mural is set to have a new friend, as our designer extraordinaire Julia Chetwood embarks on the mural that will take over the back and side walls of the shop (above the counter!). We’re really excited for this, as our existing mural brightened up the front space so well. 

Lastly, we’d like to shout-out Clothing the Gaps, an awesome local business on Sydney Road. “Clothing The Gaps is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise. We are a fresh and dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture.” [Clothing the Gaps website]. Currently they need to sell all their stock by the end of the financial year as they’ve had to rebrand after a long legal battle with a multibillion dollar retailer in the USA. You can read more about this story here, and please check out Clothing the Gaps (bonus: they’re having a sale!).

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