The Greener House Valentines Day Gift Guide

by Maggie Dunleavy
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Struggling with what to get your S.O, best friend, or "situationship" this year? Check out our gift guide to get some ideas on how to treat your plant-lover right. Plant-lovers themselves might like to send this article to a certain someone as well!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ah, the beautiful fiddle fig! Nothing says "I love you" more than this scene-stealing plant. Place this giant reminder of your love in a well-lit position, and water every 2-3 weeks in warmer months and 4-6 weeks when it's cold. Keep your fig as warm as your can and away from any dry moving air. These are fast-growing once all their needs are met!

Philodendron "Lickety-Split"

Obvious jokes about this Philodendron's name aside (we are definitely above such things!!!), this is a fantastic statement plant and really easy to look after. This is definitely one of those plants that your favourite plant-loving Aunty had - and for good reason! Keep this plant in a bright spot and allow half the soil to dry out before watering again. In Winter let all the soil dry out. This plant loves to be in a small pot where it can be (consensually) root bound. 

Epiphyllum anguliger aka Fishbone cactus

Is your love a little different? This is the plant for you! These quirky little plants throw out weird-shaped foliage all day - definitely a conversation-starter! They are also incredibly easy to care for, needing a good soak only when the soil is completely dry.

Alocasia 'Ivory Coast'

These adorable little alocasias are the perfect gift for the aroid collector who has all the basics. They say, "our love is rare, but becoming more commercially available each season"! Keep them in a well-lit spot, watering when the top 3rd of soil is dry in the growing season, and making sure they're nice and dry during winter.

Robert Gordon Ceramic Watering Can

Oof! This is a special one! These beautiful ceramic watering vessels are a perfect declaration of your nurturing love. As Lizzo famously puts it,"I am free (yeah yeah), come water me!" These have a 1L capacity. 

Water Can - Greener House
Water Can - Greener House

Robert Gordon Luna Planters

Okay, we're a little excited about our new Robert Gordon lines, but they are just so beautiful! The best planters, like the best relationships, are built by hand over time. Show that you're in it for the long haul with these gorgeous ceramics.

Glass Misters

It's time to wet our plants! If you have Calatheas, Fiddle Figs, or other humidity-loving plants, this is a super useful tool. Give your plants a refreshing spritz, or, have an adorable Valentine's Day water fight! Up to you really.

Neem Oil Leaf Shine

Let your leaves shine as bright as your love with the Neem Oil Leaf Shine! This is an awesome product for keeping your leaves looking beautiful, and for the prevention and treatment of foliar pests.