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Enjoy cleaner living with our air-purifying plants

The world around us is full of chemicals and pollutants that fog up the fresh air. Luckily nature has a solution – and we happily bring it to you with our vibrant collection of leafy purifiers.

While most indoor plants contribute to cleaner air, each species has its strengths and weaknesses. All green things can thrive in the lush landscapes of the outdoors – but only a select few find themselves flourishing in the urban jungle of Melbourne’s metropolis.

Our nursery is home to many varieties of indoor-loving, air-purifying plants that fit this category. They fill a special place in city-dwelling domestic life, as our customers can attest to. Grown by Australian green thumbs, we offer you the opportunity to experience a refreshing indoor environment with a leafy sidekick or two of your own.   


All the air-purifying plants Melbourne needs

Our Brunswick nursery is home to all kinds of goodies. We make it our mission to demystify which plants are right for your needs – so sourcing your picks of the bunch with us is a breeze. Our Sydney Road store holds stunning designs throughout, all ready to be transported to the four walls you call your own.

We’ll also equip you with detailed care instructions, so you give your home’s newest addition the best chance for a long and vibrant life. You’ll leave our store with the information to make a perfectly poised placement of your product, invigorating your indoor environment with clean surroundings and good vibes.


Buy with confidence

Making indoor plants accessible for all is something we strive for, each and every day. Sorted by category, and guided by your needs, we are thrilled to help you navigate our lush nursery to find your perfect oxygen-enhancing pick. Nestled in its ideal pot, it's the perfect take-home package to trigger atmospheric transformation within your space!

Our plants do sell out quickly, so we recommend getting in touch if you’re after a specific type. Our online shop is a gateway to laying claim on the green goods we sew into it, so browse through our range with convenience.

Experience a purer atmosphere through our fresh, green world of vibrant products. Buy yours today and breathe in cleaner air with ease.