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Alocasias have the most striking foliage

Alocasia also commonly known as ‘Elephants ear’ boast some of the most beautiful foliage in the house plant world, with over 80 species and many different hybrid varieties. Alocasias come in different shapes, sizes and colours with different sized leaves - there is an Alocasia to fit your needs. Some species of Alocasia can grow leaves up to three feet long- the perfect statement piece for your living room. Alocasia thrive in a bright and well-lit spot, with indirect light. In its natural habitat, Alocasias thrive on the forest floor beneath the tree canopy and love a pot with moist soil.


Alocasias are an introduction to intermediate plant care

If you have got the low maintenance monstera and devil’s ivy down pat, and are looking for a bit of a challenge - Alocasias are perfect for you. These plants love their humidity, for optimal plant comfort, we suggest frequent mistings with a mister. Frequent misting and humidity allows these plants to prevent getting pests such as spider mites.


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Alocasia are known to go dormant in the cooler months and enter a resting period, however, in the summer months, they are known to produce a new leaf every week, with leaf size growing and often surpassing previous leaves - making it a great addition to your collection if you love fast-growing plants. This beautiful tropical indoor plant can become your next indoor plant centrepiece for your space. Pair with a large decorative pot, and you’ve got your hands on a winner. Our selection of Alocasias has been curated to give you only the best choices for your plant collection. You can shop our collection, and find an Alocasia that’ll suit your space now.