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Baskets showcase your indoor plants in style

Bring a beautiful and natural element into your home today with our classic jute and grass planter baskets. Our baskets look great with tall and lush foliage and are unique in their colour and tones, and enhance the look of the average house plant. Each basket is unique and has its own characteristics - making them a great one of a kind decor piece. Woven baskets look great in coastal-inspired homes, and fit a minimalist style well providing texture to your home. Grouped with plant stands, baskets are a great styling element for your indoor plant jungle. 


Woven grass and stitched planters

Our range of woven or stitched basket planters has been selected by our horticulturists for functionality and aesthetic. These decorative plant baskets are a great addition to your indoor plant jungle, and bring an element of natural texture to your home or office space. Handwoven baskets are a great elegant and fresh touch to your home or office decor. Our woven baskets have been carefully selected in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are the perfect choice for adding texture for your lush indoor sanctuary at home, providing you with functionality and style. 


Shop indoor plant baskets online now

Our on-trend baskets are manufactured with good quality materials, ensuring that your baskets will stand the test of time, and maintain their appearance. You can now shop for your decorative plant baskets online at Greener House. With local delivery and curbside pick up available, shopping for your plant accessories has never been easier.