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Pop of colour for your home

If you’re looking for the ideal colourful pots for your plant collection, we have got you covered. At Greener House, we pride ourselves on providing you with beautiful pots at affordable prices.  Our colourful pots provide a beautiful contrast against your indoor leafy jungle. We have a large selection of plant pots for you to choose from including, colour blocks or multi-coloured pots.  Our range includes a number of beautifully designed pots fit for any plant parent. 


Assorted pots for your indoor jungle

No indoor jungle is complete without the perfect decorative planter to match your plants. Our variety of colourful pots caters to all types of plants and styles, we stock neutral coloured minimalist pots and an array of coloured pots for your plant collection. We all know that plastic nursery pots can be a drag, which is why we choose to stock a range of indoor plant pots to fit your needs. Our indoor plant pot range has been carefully selected to give you the best variety of pots for all of your plants. 


Buy your coloured pots online now 

You can now shop for the perfect pot to accompany your plant friends online here at Greener House. Our colourful pots range can now be shopped online, and delivered locally, or picked up via our curbside pick up option. With a number of indoor pots, plants and accessories, shopping online for all of your plant needs has never been easier. Greener House’s range of indoor pots and planters has been hand-selected by our horticulturists to ensure that your plant can thrive in their decorative style. You can check out our range of colourful pots online now.