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Epipremnum aureum also known as ‘Devil’s Ivy’ or ‘pothos’, is a lush ever-green trailing vine that can thrive and produce leaves all year round - even indoors! This low maintenance house plant has earned its name by being one the easiest house plants to grow indoors and make for the best indoor hanging house plants. Devil’s Ivy is resilient to diseases and pests and requires little maintenance. Pothos are generally fast growers (and show-ers) and need minimal attention. These beautiful hanging plants love having a chop every now and then and will often produce many shoots from their cutting points - resulting in a lusher pot plant, and cuttings to plant elsewhere and grow your Devil’s Ivy collection.


Grows virtually anywhere. 

Devil’s Ivy is one of the hardiest plants you can have in your collection, that can grow anywhere, from hanging baskets to pots or even a glass vase. They are the best low light indoor plants for your bathroom or laundry that does not get too much sunlight throughout the day. Placed in a bright position, Pothos grow bright and large leaves, and don’t mind artificial lighting so are the perfect plant option for an office environment with minimal natural lighting. Epipremnum can grow in both upright positions. Teach these very clever indoor house plants to grow up a trellis or around a totem.


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At Greener House, we have a large variety of the Epipremnum & Pothos for sale. With all sorts of patterns, shapes and sizes to match your planty taste. You can get your hands on this hardy low maintenance plant online now, with local delivery and Afterpay, growing your house plant collection has never been easier.