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Figs - A little tree with a big tree character

Ficus, also commonly known as ‘fig trees’ or ‘figs’. Some of our favourite figs include fiddle leaf figs (Ficus lyrata) or rubber plants (ficus elastica). Our figs are extremely common amongst new plant collectors due to their low maintenance nature. Fig plants typically thrive in bright direct lighting and act as a fantastic focal point for any space. Ficus house plants are fantastic for the home or office and provide you with the canopy feel of the outdoors, without compromising on too much space.


Figs are the indoor house plant with an outdoor feel

Ficus are amongst the most popular indoor house plants, due to leafy foliage and tree-like features. Some of our favourite ficus varieties are fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants and creeping figs, these figs are extremely hardy and low maintenance and can easily become a centrepiece in your home or office and can grow into medium to large-sized plants. These plants also are known for their air-purifying qualities. Ficus trees enjoy bright indirect or filtered light and come in several variegated varieties.


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If you’re unsure about how to care for your new ficus or figs, our experienced horticulturists are more than happy to help you understand the needs of your new plant babies, you can get in touch today with any of your questions or queries. You can shop our wide range of figs online now, with local delivery, curbside pickup and Afterpay, buying indoor houseplants has never been easier.