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Buy indoor hanging plant pots for sale in Melbourne  

Hanging plants have certain needs, and pots are one of them. Whether you’re planning to pin yours up on your wall, ceiling or cabinet, we have the right option for your space.

Our designs hold all of their contents safely enclosed so that all parts of the design stay fresh and clean. They resist water leaks, tipping, and come with features that are specially designed for function and stability.

Paired with our indoor hanging plants, these pots help you add style however you like. We consider them a must-have for character-building chic in the Greener House Nursery and can’t wait to hear what you do with yours.


Made for interior magic

Our hanging pots come with features that make them easy to fit into interiors.

Designed for the indoors, our stock is specifically made from sturdy materials that can latch onto ceiling hooks and keep their hold over time, creating a long-term decor option.

Backed by a plethora of styles and stunning visual effects, these products are made to be simple for an effortless green statement piece. We’re proud to provide you with the means to put your creative flair into practice.


Save on space when you buy indoor hanging plant pots

Space is a precious commodity in the urban environment. We love to get creative and provide solutions to enable growth and greening in any area you inhabit.  Hanging plant pots offer the perfect opportunity to go vertical, maximising usable space through elegant efficiency.

This provides the perfect outlet for grouping greenery in office spaces, homes, and businesses all over Melbourne. Requiring only the initial setup, our designs hold their content securely and allow you to integrate them into your life with joy and ease.

Choose from our range of flora to showcase your green goodies in style. Whether a one-off or set, you’ll save space and add versatility to your home, business, or building at large.