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Style your home with hanging indoor plants for sale in Melbourne

Hanging plants are a secret weapon for subtle spatial enchantment. They bring their charm and personality to any indoor space and instantly add flair wherever they're positioned.

The varieties we stock in our Melbourne nursery are full of character, grown to be fancy-free, and look effortlessly chic in your home, cafe, or workplace.

Many of our species are also drought-resistant and need very little water to survive. This, and their space-saving style, makes them perfect for smaller areas and are oh-so-pretty in the most practical way.

Their versatility makes them well-loved in all kinds of interior settings all over Melbourne. You might just find yourself equipping your own house with a floral display you can’t get enough of.


Grace your space when you buy hanging house plants

All of our hanging plants are gorgeous, vibrant designs. They’re specially selected for resilient growth, surviving on little water, which means they won’t cause hassle or stress.

The foliage grows long and strong, trailing down from baskets, ledges, and anywhere else you choose to keep them. Philodendrons, Devil’s Ivy, Rhipsalis, and ferns are a few varieties that we feature in our collection, and we love their look.

The versatility of our hanging plants makes them perfect for interior decorating. Showcasing the essence of nature as they trail, they bring the freshness of free-flowing movement to your home. Easily trimmed to keep them in check,  they break up big spaces and add a relaxing balance between organic and man-made elements wherever they fall.


Jazz up your surroundings

We believe flora is a natural art on its own, but with a little help, it can become part of a greater masterpiece.

Our product acts as a focal point of decor and interior design – be it to accompany specific accessories, wall fixtures, and all kinds of wonderful and whimsical settings. Given guidance with the addition of wall hooks, and a little pruning, they strike a wonderful symbiotic sophistication as the climb through your indoor space.

We fill our Melbourne nursery with all the right options that allow you to add easy beauty into your favourite space. Browse our collection now to find your pick of the bunch.