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Hoyas - extraordinarily varied foliage 

Sometimes referred to as ‘wax plants’ or ‘porcelain plants’ are named as such due to the waxy appearance of their flowers. Hoya is one of the most undemanding plants for even the most negligent gardeners. These plants are extraordinarily varied in foliage and gorgeous blooms of scented flowers that last. Hoya makes for fantastic indoor hanging plant pots with their trailing varieties or can be taught to climb up support such as a trellis. Hoyas prefer filtered light and grow well in shade; however, they won’t flower unless given enough light. Hoyas grow quite well in rootbound pots and require minimal repotting and can go years without being repotted.


Hairy, fuzzy or smooth textured Hoyas

Hoyas not only come in a variety of colours, but they also come in a variety of leaf textures as well. These fantastic indoor house plants add a great pop of colour to the 50 shades of green amongst your house plants. If you’re looking for a plant that you can set and forget Hoyas are your best indoor plants.


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