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Enjoy low-maintenance indoor ferns on your own turf

Plants and people form relationships over time – but they don't have to be high maintenance. Ferns have historically been given a bad rep as a demanding species, but we know that's not quite true. Over the years, we've tended to many varieties of fine-foliaged products and passed them onto proud owners.

We've combined our hands-on horticultural experience with a practical view of city living to provide you with easy house ferns that cause little fuss. We know your time is precious, so these delicate beauties won't take up too much of it. All you'll need is a little water, a little light, and you're good to go! Read our guide to keeping ferns indoors here.

The best indoor ferns for well-lit spaces

This kind of foliage loves a well-lit environment. Think of space that is just bright enough to read a book using the natural light. A little direct morning sun is fine for most ferns but otherwise bright indirect light will do the job.

This makes them an absolute breeze to find a place for them indoors, where they can shine their own light. Each of our fern varieties has its own unique characteristics, which you’ll be able to admire in close-range comfort.

They’re perfect for decorating desks, sitting atop cabinets, or even in shaded corners where a little light reaches. We find their fabulous look perfect for all kinds of style vibes, and we’re sure it’ll make a wonderful addition to your very own inspired interior. 

Go greener with our indoor ferns for sale

Every green thing has a place in the world, we believe. We’re sure at least at least one belongs with you. And our ferns are the perfect pieces to place within your walls.  Whether you’re gifted with a green thumb or not, the low-maintenance varieties we stock are easy to maintain, whatever the weather.