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Peaceful, poised indoor prayer plants

An ever-popular choice and a plant that’s simply divine,Prayer Plants – calathea, ctenanthe, and maranta species – offer leafy patterns and sentimental appeal. 

Calathea, stromanthe, ctenanthe, and maranta are a few of the many options we have available at Greener House. The showy nature of these species is splayed out in their natural foliage, made to be admired from afar, and attended to at close proximity.

They ooze with effortless chic in their striped stylishness, with no two plants or patterns ever the same. The dense foliage is ideal for adding a green statement to a minimalistic room, or accentuated eccentricity with a touch of the wild side.

Find your perfect indoor prayer plant in Melbourne

Like many lush, leafy botanical specimens, these beautiful plants hail from the tropics. Their vibrant nature is characteristic of many wonderful creations from similar habitats, but they are surprisingly well-adapted to Melbourne’s climate.

We can guide you in providing the very best care for your particular choice, and help you maintain its lustrous look throughout the year.


Choose from stromanthe, ctenanthe, calathea and maranta

There’s a great variety of Prayer Plants out there, and you’re sure to find one with a personality that suits you!

Whether you make them a part of your home, office, studio, or living area, these plants always add something extra to your space.