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A centrepiece for your home

Decorative pots perfect for plants in 200mm to 300mm nursery pots.

Large indoor pots are a fantastic element If you’re looking for large pots for your plants, Greener House is your one-stop-shop for all of your indoor plant pot needs. Large plant pots are great for any of your larger indoor plants, such as birds of paradise, fiddle leaf figs or monstera. Our large plant pots are great additions to your totem plants, providing a solid base for your plant to thrive, and room to grow in style. 


Variety of pots to suit your style 

We stock a number of different styled pots including plastic, glazed, ceramic, and handmade. Our planters have been selected to compliment any home or office aesthetics. We pride ourselves on having Melbourne’s most sophisticated and stylish pot plants, that have been selected by our horticulturists for both functionality and fashion that you desire. With modern and clean lines, our large pot plant selection is greatly appreciated by modern aesthetic seekers. 


Best selection of plant pots in Melbourne 

You can now have access to the best selection of plant pots in Melbourne here at Greener House, with options to click and collect or shop online, delivered straight to your door. Our extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing plant pots are a great addition to an empty corner in your house paired with a stunning large plant. Large pot plants also make a great addition to any outdoor areas that need a little livening up.