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The best low-light indoor plants for your habitation 

Living indoors has its luxuries. Sometimes accessing a natural glow is one of these luxuries, especially as our cities grow taller, busier, and ever denser. Thankfully, we've thought of everything we possibly could to ensure you're able to bring a sense of the greener world into your own space. Explore a long list of low-light houseplants that don't ask for much in return.

We've curated these urban-friendly plants all in one place, so you can easily pick and choose the right pieces for your space. It's a pragmatic approach we know you'll appreciate; with every passing week when you see your selected specimens alive and thriving. We do love to be down-to-earth and offer you every opportunity to bring a little Mother Nature into your lounge, office, or enclosed environment.


Choose from a whole collection of low-light houseplants from Melbourne

You may be faced with the restrictions of a dim interior, but there’s no end of options that can thrive in the dusk too. Some plants flourish in areas that aren’t filled with endless rays of sunshine, making it the perfect option if your space is one of these types of environments. 

Flora in this botanical category are some of the most spectacular you’ll find on your journey through our nursery. Many options – like our cascade palms – are tropical species that are used to the dense vegetation of balmy jungles. They shine with a light of their own, full of stunning patterns and markings that easily impress.

Some of the best low-light indoor plants on offer are built with resilience and beauty that can withstand even a windowless room. Perfect for apartments, homes and offices of all kinds, Greener House boasts a number of looks and styles to choose from. Find your perfect piece of nature and enrich your decor to look that little bit more spectacular.


Step into a fresher setting

We like to make it as easy as possible to integrate the natural with the man-made. That extends to obtaining indoor plants for your abode, and we make that easy at Greener House.

Our stock is not only available in our Brunswick Street boutique in Melbourne, but can also be bought online.