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Ease into greener living with low-maintenance plants

At Greener House, we’re all about easy, lush living, and that includes enjoying all of nature’s wonders in your very own space. But we like to do that with a sense of hassle-free care and the ability to enjoy your plants without the stress of keeping them healthy. For those with less of a green thumb, our low-maintenance house plants are the perfect option. 

Choose from a range that includes everything from the iconic philodendron species to other aroids and palms that make life a pleasure. Requiring only a little TLC to maintain their magnificence, these options are nature’s gift in the grunge of city life, and lets you reconnect with natural living in your own unique way.

Bring the zen into your den. Our collection has been carefully curated to ensure you’re able to spoil yourself with choice.


An array of low-maintenance plants befitting Melbourne

Melbourne has its own particular climate, landscapes and vibe. The city may be full of bustling events and lifestyles, but we‘re confident we’ve got all corners covered without low-maintenance indoor plants.

From beginners to botanists who want beautiful and easy additions to their homes, our low-maintenance plants are the perfect balance. We provide easy-to-read instructions to help you keep your companion healthy and ensure you’re able to enjoy their presence for the long-term.

Speak to our experts to find out which pick is the best choice for your specific environment.  


Grow your green thumb gracefully

Not everyone is born with a passion or knack for botany. In fact, most people grow one over time. Just like the process of planting a seed and watching it sprout into something wonderful, it takes time. And, quite possibly, trial and error.

Our low-maintenance plants give you the best of both worlds, without the hard yards. A little forgiving, very hardy and backed by confidence, our plants are the ultimate option for natural treasures without the hassle.

Bring nature into your living or workspace with easy flora that doesn't demand your time and energy.