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Modern medium-sized plant pots

Decorative pots perfect for plants in 165mm to 200mm nursery pots.

If you’re looking to buy a flawless decorative pot for your medium-sized plants, we stock a huge range of indoor plant pots. Our modern medium-sized plant pots are a great alternative to your plastic nursery pots. These medium-sized pots are perfect for plants in 165mm to 200mm nursery pots. Plants like devil’s ivy or peace lilies are perfect for this size pot, with plenty of room for growth. 

Decorative plant pots for all styles

Choosing the right plant pot is a hard decision for all plant collectors, however, we have made the choice easy for you. Our medium pot range includes a variety of styles of pots, suitable for any type of home decor aesthetic. We believe that plants look exceptionally beautiful on their own - however, paired with the perfect pot, you’ve got yourself a statement piece to compliment your home or office decor. For the minimalist or maximalist, contemporary or rustic loving aesthetic, we have got you covered. Our range includes simple black and white pots, coloured pots, and handcrafted colourful indoor plant pots. 

Modern, luxury and designer plant pots delivered to you

Whether you are someone who is looking for clean lines and minimal design, or someone who appreciates a pop of colour, we have got an indoor plant pot to serve your needs. At Greener House, we have a range of medium pots perfect for your upright and hanging pot plants, to suit your colour palette for your home.