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Monstera deliciosa - the favourite plant-child of collectors. 

Monstera deliciosa commonly known as the ‘Swiss Cheese plant’ is every plant collector's secret favourite child, an absolute hit in the ’80s like Whitney, and now every millennial’s newfound craze, their popularity is not uncalled for! Monstera is known for its split and heart leaf characteristics. Monstera has iconic luscious, vibrant, and glossy leaves. They make for the perfect introduction to low maintenance indoor house plants.


A statement piece for your living space. 

Monstera deliciosa is a perfect addition to any room and evokes a sense of nature in your home, and provides your living spaces with the urban house jungle vibe you’re obsessed with. Their lush green leaves help create a luxurious tropical feel to your space. The Swiss cheese plant is the best indoor aroid for spaces that need a little more love, and being easy to care for, the Monstera is your best choice if you are a brown thumb. Monstera is hardy, and compliments any indoor or outdoor space with its beautiful foliage. 


Shop easy-care care aroids online now. 

If you’re looking to start your plant journey and buy an easy-care indoor aroid monstera are a great choice. This plant has the ability to grow into a gigantic indoor plant. Monstera house plants can grow leaves up to 90cms indoors. This beautiful tropical evergreen requires minimal maintenance and is easy natured, with the ability to survive a little neglect every now and again. If you're looking for an extensive guide on how to care for your monstera once it arrives, you check out our blog post on all things to do with caring for your new indoor house plant. You can add this easy-care plant to your collection today, and shop via our online collection now at Greener House.