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Minimalist yet modern pot plants

At Greener House, we appreciate the subtleties of life - including a well-designed pot with neutral colours. Our neutral pot collection has a range of uniquely shaped pots to ensure you find a pot that suits the style you are looking for complimenting your plant of choice. Our neutral pot collection is a great addition to your plant collection. These neutral pots are great for coloured indoor house plants - giving them the spotlight they need. 


Neutral coloured pot plants for a modern feel

Our neutral coloured plant pots are a great option for anyone looking for a sleek and ultra-modern and contemporary touch in their home. The contrast between lush greenery and neutral colours is an iconic and timeless match for your home. Our neutral coloured collection is heavily inspired by the natural colours found in our everyday lives, selected to be paired with your favourite plants to create an iconic combo - perfect for any space that needs a little bit more love. 


Quality plant pots delivered to your door 

Our high-quality neutral planters are perfect for your plants with darker foliage - providing a beautiful harmony. Neutrals go with anything and are always a great option for spaces that need a little extra something. Neutral pot plants complement your decor regardless of your style. You can check out our range of neutral coloured pots online now, available for delivery or curbside pick up.