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Peace Lily - The sweetheart of the plant-world. 

The peace lily is one of the most popular and common, hardy and elegant indoor house plants. Peace Lily house plants have been globally recognised for their top air purification and cleaning properties, and finally got the recognition it deserved when NASA identified it amongst one of the ‘Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.’ The Spathiphyllum is an adaptable and low maintenance indoor house plant that generally serves as a floor plant, as some varieties can reach up to 3 feet in height, and grow wide and bold leaves, with elegant flowers.


Peace lilies are the best araceae for indoors

Spathiphyllum belongs to the araceae family and are one of the few flowering indoor house plants. The peace lily produces several snowy white flowers on their long stems a year. This sweetheart house plant has received its name due to it’s raised spathe looking like a white flag - a symbol of surrender seeking peace. This indoor araceae much like many indoor plants enjoys medium to low light. When placed in well lit positions with indirect sunlight peace lilies can produce their beautiful flowers more often.


Spathiphyllum - Iconic lush, glossy and emerald coloured leaves

Peace lilies are a great introduction to flowering indoor house plants, providing you with the best of both worlds: gorgeous foliage year-round and elegant pure white flowers over a long period, from early spring to late summer. These plants are great for a beginner plant parent, as they are simple to care for, and need minimal ongoing maintenance, yet provide your space with a beautiful green addition - and easy on the eyes too. You can shop our peace lily varieties online now, with local delivery and click and collect. You can now get your hands on one of the most iconic and beautiful plants with ease.