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Pileas and peperomias - Colourful combinations for your plant collection

Grown for their beautiful and colourful foliage, peperomias are extremely vast in their appearance and beauty, leaf texture and leaf size. Belonging to a line of flowering plants called magnoliids, peperomia is the source of many different essential oils and botanical oddities. Peperomia are identified by their small fleshy, succulent-like leaves.


Peperomia - an easy plant for propagation

If you’re someone who likes to venture into propagation, peperomia is a sure hit for you. Peperomia can be propagated from almost any part of the plant, in both water and soil - producing a beautiful plant with roots over time. Peperomia tolerate medium to low light, and don’t mind a few hours of direct sunlight indoors, and are quite tolerant to all humidity levels. Peperomia is an easy to grow house plant that is extremely popular due to its variety and sometimes variegated foliage. Peperomias are the best indoor colourful plants for terrariums and create brilliant displays with their varying colours and textures, with minimal maintenance needed.


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A compact and small perennial epiphyte for your collection. Peperomias are grown for their beautiful ornamental foliage and their elegant flowers. Peperomias have many different bushy and trailing varieties, with mature plants only spreading to 20-30 cms. These delicate house plants are great low light house plants. You can shop our extensive range of peperomia house plants at your favourite online plant nursery now.