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Philodendrons - The largest variety of plants

Native to the tropical rain forest areas of America, philodendrons are a large genus of flowering plants from the family of Araceae. The word ‘Philodendron’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Philo’, which means love or affection - and that is exactly what we hold for this gorgeous fail-safe species. Identifiable by their large, aerial roots, philodendrons come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There is a Philodendron to suit everyone's needs.


Philodendrons are an easy to propagate house plant

If you are someone who is looking to create more plants, philodendrons are great for beginner propagators. These plants are super easy to propagate, all you have to do is cut a part of the stem with a node and stick the stem into a glass of water or place in a well-draining pot with moist soil. This stem will grow a root system and become a brand-new plant to add to your house plant collection. Philodendrons are brilliant because they have the ability to be both climbing plants or upright plants and look great growing up a totem or trellis or even in a hanging basket.


Shop indoor philodendrons online now

Philodendrons provide your space with improved air quality, with their large air-purifying leaves, giving your space the benefit of an indoor jungle and providing you with clean air. Philo's are a classic house plant that has the ability to grow in even the harshest indoor conditions. Philodendrons make a great addition to your home or workspace and make the ideal plants to spruce up your interior landscapes. Indoor philodendrons have the ability to adapt to various lighting and water conditions and can thrive indoors very well with minimal attention. Our horticulturists recommend philodendrons to any beginner house plant enthusiast. You can spruce up your space today with our philodendron collection, available online now with local delivery and in-store pick up.