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Fashionable pots with trays

We know the feeling of pairing the perfect plant with the perfect pot - to find out that it does not have a matching tray to keep your surfaces clean. This is why we chose to create a collection of indoor plant pots with trays to make your search easier. You can now pot your plants directly into these stylish and modern planters without worrying about transporting your plants and creating a mess during watering days. Our pots with tray collection include small, medium and large planters. 


Buy plant pots with ease online now

You can now shop for your plant babies with ease via our online collection, in the comfort of your own home. With your favourite online nursery now delivering locally in Melbourne and offering curbside pick up, you can have access to all of your favourite plants, pots and accessories in one place. You can now shop for your new plant baby online and pair it with the perfect pot to ensure your plant can grow in style. 


Modern pots for a sophisticated look

Our modern and stylish plant pots have been selected to complement all types of plants, in all homes and offices. A plant has the ability to bring greenery into your space and liven up the mood. A plant in a modern pot provides your space with a contemporary and fashionable space, with the convenience of being watered in their space - our indoor plant pots with trays are a must for your home.