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House plant for a plant killer - Sansevieria 

If you are interested in growing indoor house plants, yet are deemed a house plant killer, Sansevieria is for you. These striking house plants are the most durable, and neglect resistant house plants that we sell here at Greener House. Commonly known as the 'mother in law’s tongue' or 'snake plants', this house plant is a truly iconic plant to have in your collection. Identified as one of NASA’s top air-purifying plants, snake plants are virtually indestructible and can tolerate both low light and high light situations.


Sansevieria of varying shapes colours, height and sizes

Snake plants have become an increasingly popular choice amongst plant collectors due to their broad variety in different coloured leaves and leaf sizes and shapes. Sansevieria are resilient plants, that have succulent like leaves, that store water in them making them an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles. These low maintenance house plants suit clean minimalist modernly styled homes or offices, due to their stiff, upright and rigid aesthetic. Sansevieria can typically be up to 70-90cms in height and look fantastic in a group.


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Sansevieria do well in spaces in the home or office that have dry air and can also thrive in spaces that have high humidity. These plants are resistant to many types of diseases or pests. Snake plants are the best indoor plants to buy if you are looking for a low maintenance indoor house plant that will thrive in any part of your home or office. You can shop this fantastic air-purifying range online now at Greener House.