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Large variety of small indoor plant pots

Decorative pots perfect for plants in 50mm to 165mm nursery pots.

If you’re looking for the perfect small indoor plant pot, Greener House got your pot needs covered. Our extensive range of house plant pots covers all sorts of aesthetics from minimalist modern to bohemian and everything in between. Each plant pot has been carefully selected to complement your planty friends, so they can live their best lives in their new decorative pots.

Modern small pots for small plants

Plants such as hoyas that don’t mind being root-bound are perfect for smaller pots, as they require minimal repotting. Our smaller pot plants are great for your more delicate plant collection, or smaller plant varieties such as cacti, succulents or peperomia. Our modern plant pots give you the choice to create your desired aesthetic in your home or office space. This collection is suitable for plants in 50mm to 165mm nursery pots.


Designer pots delivered to your door

We have a large and growing range of indoor plant pots, varying from a modern aesthetic with minimal colours and tones to a rustic feel or colourful plant pots to match your colourful plants. We also pride ourselves on stocking handcrafted pots from local artists. Your best indoor plants now can live their best lives in their new plant pots. Our modern pot plants are a great addition to your bookshelves or bench tops. You can now shop your favourite affordable and luxury indoor house plants and indoor pots at Greener House.