Timber Pots

Natural aesthetic wood pots for indoors

One of our favourite collections here at Greener House, our timber pot collection is perfect for those looking for a natural-looking alternative to ceramic and plastic pots. Our timber pots are a unique house decor piece, with the variants in the wood making each and every piece individual. These plant pots add character and depth to their surroundings and streamline greatly with indoor plants. 


A statement piece for your home

Indoor timber pots are an on-trend item to display your plant collection in style. These pots have an inner plastic lining, making it easier for you to maintain the timber. Each pot is slightly different from the next making or timber pots a fantastic distinctive decor item for your home. Our timber pots are natural and untreated making them a great element to bring a piece of the outside indoors and complement your indoor plant foliage. 


Check out our timber plant pot selection

Our earthy timber pots are designed with clean lines and are crafted with warm tones of wood to give your pots an elegant natural look. Handcrafted with lightweight timber, these plant pots are easy to move around the home or office. Timber pots are the ideal complement to all-natural and minimalist decor. You can now shop our exclusive timber pot planter selection online now at Greener House.