Buying Guide

Shopping online for plants can be stressful at times, especially when trying to match plants and pots. We're always here to help, but have a browse through our buying guide and it may have the answers you need!

What is Greener House?

Greener House is an indoor plant nursery that strives for absolute quality, fantastic customer service, and reasonable prices. In essence, we are a garden centre that focuses on indoor plants. We serve the Melbourne metropolitan area, and our physical store is located in beautiful Brunswick, on Sydney Road. 

What plants fit which pots?

When finding a pot for your plant, the first thing to know is that the vast majority of the plants we sell do not need re-potting for another year or more, if they need it at all. Pots really are for aesthetics. Plastic nursery pots have fantastic drainage, and fresh plants from the nursery all have lots of nutrients in the soil and are already potted in the correct size. 

Option 1: Choose a ceramic pot that is around the same size as the plastic, and simply re-pot without much disturbance to the roots. If you would like to do this, the ceramic pot must have drainage.

Option 2: Choose a ceramic pot that is bigger than the plastic pot, and rest the plastic pot inside. This is a great option for ceramic pots with no drainage, or if you don’t wish to repot your plant.


The 200mm Peace Lily, or most other medium-sized plants, has a pot diameter of 20cm. A medium ceramic pot will usually have a diameter of 20cm, and so the plastic pot won’t fit inside. You can repot into this ceramic pot, as it has drainage. Alternatively, a large ceramic pot usually has a diameter of around 23-30cm, which means the plastic pot will fit nicely into it.

Finding the right plant.

The right plant for you will depend on lighting conditions, size, whether you have pets, and, of course, your personal taste. We have a variety of collections for you to browse through, and filters on the left hand side to narrow down your selections. Check out some of our collections below!

Pet Friendly Plants

Low Light Plants

What plant should I buy as a gift?

We have a whole collection of Beginner Plants, which are really easy to care for and make perfect gifts. If your gift is for someone who’s a bit of a collector, check out the Rare Plants Collection for something a bit more unusual. 

When do you deliver?

During the week, we can usually do either next day or same day delivery. If you order on the weekend, you should receive your delivery Monday or Tuesday. If it is a particularly large or complex delivery, we will get in touch with you to arrange a good time. We always encourage you to email us after you order, or write a note on your order at check-out, if you have any specific delivery requests.

How does the in-store pickup (click & collect) work?

After you make your order, we will select your plants and pots and put them aside in our holding area. You will receive a notification telling you your order is ready to be picked up. You can come in any time during our opening hours to pick up your order. Read more about our Click and Collect policy here.


Why so many sold out plants?

We keep a plant on the website when it’s out of stock so that you can pop your email down to get a notification when we restock. Many of these plants are in super high demand, so this is a great way not to miss out!

When is this particular plant going to be available?

What we have in stock depends on what our many growers have available. Generally speaking, rarer and more established plants are going to be more readily available in late Spring and throughout Summer. Unfortunately, we often don’t have too much warning as to what plants we’ll be able to source for you.

Do you deliver to my area?

Delivery is calculated at checkout after you put in your address. We deliver to Melbourne Metro only! For more info on our Delivery policy click here.

When do you get new stock in?

We get several deliveries a week, of both pots and plants. During Summer and in the lead-up to Christmas, we get deliveries almost every week day! We’ll always post on our social media as to what we’ve received, and plants usually go up on the website on the same day as they arrive in the store. If we have a high volume of deliveries, there might be a delay of 1-2 days until they’re available online. As a general tip, coming in on a Friday is a great choice, as we’ll have all our deliveries in for the week, but we won’t yet have had the weekend traffic.