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Part of what sets Greener House apart is that we seek to educate and arm our customers with accurate and useful information. We are constantly studying and debunking myths so that we can pass the facts onto you! We work hard to source plants from all over the country so that you can enjoy an amazing range at great prices.

Any way that we can add value to your experience, we will try it!

Rewards and discounts: If you’re looking to maximise your plant budget, we are here to help! When you’re a member, you earn 5% of your purchases back to you as store credit which never expires, so you can give yourself a discount whenever you like! Keep an eye out for our bonus events where you earn extra loyalty credit.

All new members receive a $5 signup bonus to start you on your plant journey.

Talk to the experts: Chat with us online or in store to help troubleshoot your indoor plant problems, get suggestions, and expert care advice for all your indoor plants. You are not alone on your indoor plant journey! All our members can send us photos via email or Facebook which means we can give you really tailored advice based off the context of those photos. This means we can quickly find a solution and help your plants to thrive.

Part of the Greener House team training is that we make sure to take home one of every single plant. This means everyone who works here has direct hands on experience with all the plants and can give you the advice that matters.

Exclusive access: Find out about rare plants, new shipments, and our latest articles early!

We are constantly trying to source the latest on trend plants for you. Find out about what’s coming in and get early access!
All our articles are written and researched by us. All our members have early access and also full access to everything we produce.

Greener House really cares about your indoor plant experience and want you to be the best plant parent possible. We are always striving to give extra value and support to all our members completely for free. We love this community and all the things that it represents.