Store Policy & Online Shopping FAQ

Click & Collect

When can I pick-up my Click & Collect order?

Purchases made online via Click & Collect may be picked up during our current business hours. You can find up-to-date open hours on our Google or Facebook business listing. You can generally collect your order straight away; however, you may like to wait until you get an order confirmation.

If You Do Not Collect Your Order

Please collect your order within 7 days. If your order is not collected 30 days after purchase, it will be voided and no refunds, exchanges, or credits will be given.*

We do not offer change of mind refunds.

Click here to read about our refund policy.

Can I select my own plant for Click and Collect?

We will have one set aside for you. Subject to availability, you may be able to choose a different plant if you are unsatisfied with the one we have chosen. 

Can you send me individual photos of the plants?

Unfortunately, we don't have time to send individual photos of all our plants to customers. The photo on our website is the most representative of the quality of stock that we have, and we work hard to ensure all our online orders are of a high standard.



Where do you deliver plants?

Plants are able to be couriered to the surrounding Melbourne metro area within a 50 km radius of our store.

These are the current postcodes in our delivery area. You can use the 'find' function to check if your postcode is here. Alternatively you can put any plant into your cart and test what shipping options are offered at checkout.

3056, 3055, 3057, 3054, 3058, 3032, 3039, 3052, 3044, 3070, 3068, 3053, 3031, 3051, 3040, 3071, 3065, 3000, 3041, 3066, 3078, 3072, 3067, 3046, 3006, 3003, 3008, 3042, 3002, 3011, 3205, 3079, 3060, 3081, 3012, 3073, 3206, 3121, 3034, 3084, 3101, 3020, 3019, 3083, 3207, 3141, 3047, 3013, 3102, 3043, 3074, 3015, 3061, 3033, 3122, 3181, 3184, 3085, 3049, 3048, 3105, 3142, 3103, 3183, 3123, 3075, 3087, 3062, 3182, 3144, 3185, 3107, 3021, 3016, 3126, 3025, 3038, 3127, 3124, 3093, 3104, 3082, 3146, 3094, 3108, 3018, 3088, 3064, 3076, 3023, 3059, 3186, 3045, 3129, 3128, 3036, 3106, 3037, 3147, 3187, 3143, 3161, 3028, 3752, 3204, 3090, 3095, 3188, 3022, 3428, 3063, 3148, 3130, 3109, 3089, 3145, 3125, 3162, 3026, 3131, 3190, 3091, 3111, 3166, 3027, 3163, 3189, 3096, 3193, 3167, 3114, 3113, 3192, 3750, 3149, 3030, 3754, 3134, 3151, 3168, 3029, 3099, 3194, 3336, 3133, 3132, 3169, 3165, 3195, 3191, 3335, 3429, 3202, 3097, 3152, 3135, 3115, 3150, 3751, 3136, 3171, 3759, 3427, 3153, 3137, 3155, 3116, 3179, 3180, 3138, 3156, 3024, 3765, 3174, 3154, 3170, 3755, 3196, 3172, 3140, 3178, 3175, 3767, 3158, 3766, 3160, 3796, 3177, 3785, 3802, 3786, 3788, 3789

Where do you deliver pots, and accessories?

We are able to ship pots, and accessories anywhere in Australia via Auspost. We do not ship internationally.

When do you deliver?

Usually orders are sent out within a day of an order being placed. Please contact us immediately if there will be any delivery requirements or issues. You will be sent a tracking link.

We aim to deliver within a week of an order being placed but it may take longer in some cases. No deliveries on Sundays.

What to do when your delivery arrives?

Upon delivery, please ensure that your order is correct and you are satisfied with the quality. If there are any issues please take photos and contact us via email.

If there are any missing products from your delivery please email us within 3 days. If there are concerns for the plant's health or quality please email within 10 days. All other pots and accessories are subject to our regular 30 day policy, found here.

After these time periods we may no longer be able to provide assistance.

How do I know if you can deliver to me?

Shipping will be calculated for you at checkout. If delivery is not available it will show the ‘Click and Collect’ option only.

What if no one is home to accept the delivery?

If there is no safe place to leave the delivery, the courier will return the delivery to our store and a new delivery can be organised. A return fee will be charged to customer. The return fee and the new delivery fee will be at the customer’s expense.

If you decide to cancel your order after delivery is attempted, the order will be refunded minus any delivery and return charges. Instead of reorganising delivery, the order may be collected from the store but the customer is still liable for any unpaid return or delivery costs.

Product damaged, lost in transit or late

All our orders sent via courier or with Australia Post are insured. If something arrives damaged, please take photos and send us an email within 3 days of arrival. After 3 days compensation will no longer be available. Please email:

You will be emailed a tracking number for all courier and Australia Post deliveries. 

Unfortunately, we cannot raise enquiries with Australia Post as to where your package is, but the tracking number will enable you to raise an enquiry with them. 

Online Products

The plants pictured are not the exact plant you will be receiving. We do our best to update photos so that they remain a good representation of our available stock.

Many of our ceramic pots use reactive glazes, are hand finished, or have natural inconsistencies built into their design. Colours may vary and some irregularities may occur from the product images.

Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns.

Product Availability

In most cases all the items will be available. Please note that the products on the online store are also available for purchase in-store, due to this cross-over an item may become unavailable if purchased before we can pack an online order. We will do our best to avoid this and apologise for any inconvenience. We will contact you if any issues arise.

Delivery Tips

The couriers we partner with for local delivery allow for two way communication with the drivers, live tracking, and estimated delivery times. 

We are more than happy to make a delivery to your workplace to ensure your purchase makes it to you safely.

On the ‘Shopping Cart’ page, there is an option to ‘Add special instructions’. Use this field if you have any concerns or information you may need to send us. Alternatively email us with your order number and any relevant details.

*If you think you may not be able to make it in store please communicate clearly with us. We are happy to work with you to find a solution, including organising delivery for you. 

We are a small store, and we have limited space to store your orders. We also have limited staff and time to care for plants in our Click and Collect area, so it is important to pick up your order as soon as possible or communicate with us to find a delivery solution. We understand that you may have changed your mind; however, we are a small business and it costs us money to use online payments, to pack your order, and to manage our stock. For these reasons, we are unable to refund you once the 30 days have passed.