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Discocactus nelsonii 140mm

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Rhipsalis, Lepismium, and Epiphyllum (sometimes called Jungle Cacti) are fantastic, easy-care hanging plants.

These plants can handle low to moderate light, but will also grow well with direct morning sun.

Being members of the Cactacae family, these plants need infrequent watering. Give them a good soak when the soil is completely dry and the plant itself is starting to wilt or shrink. This will be approximately every 3-4 weeks in the warmer months, and every 6-8 weeks in the cooler months. This will also vary depending on positioning. For more watering tips, check our guide Watering 101.

Jungle Cacti like a small pot that drains well. Their roots do not need a lot of space, and a small pot will also help to keep the roots and soil dry.

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