Fiddle Leaf Fig 300mm - PICK UP ONLY

Fiddle Leaf Fig 300mm - PICK UP ONLY

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Fiddle leaf figs are a stunning fig variety with beautifully textured leaves! They can be a little 'fiddly', but once you find the right spot for them they'll grow quickly, and can reach up to 3m tall inside! 

If you’re considering buying a Fiddle Fig in Melbourne, or if you’re trying to bring a sick Fiddle Fig back to life, our Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide guide should help you out!

Pot Diameter: 30cm
Pot Height: 30cm 

Plant Height (excluding pot): 1.5-2m+

  • Bright spot
  • Low - moderate watering
  • Grows tall
  • Funky textured leaves!
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