Microsorum Punctatum - Green Flame Fern 140mm

Microsorum Punctatum - Green Flame Fern 140mm


Though ferns have a reputation for being difficult, with the right care they burst to life without needing any fuss at all!

These plants are fine to grow inside or outside, and require no extra misting or humidifiers. Water once the top half of the soil has dried out, or even let all of the soil dry out in Winter. 

The brighter the spot the more rapidly ferns will usually be able to grow, and the more water they will need. Many ferns can tolerate a mid- to low-light spot but will have slower growth. 

Check out our fern care guide: https://www.greenerhousenursery.com/blogs/articles/a-guide-to-every-fern-ever-sort-of

Pot Diameter: 14cm
Pot Height: 14cm

Plant Height (without pot): 15-17cm

  • Well lit spot indoors/sheltered outdoors
  • Moderate water requirement
  • Low maintenance
  • Pet friendly